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WORLD RECORD AWD HONDA: 7.453 at 186mph Quarter Mile!

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The World Record is now a at 186mph in a AWD Honda!
Jonathan Reynolds put down the Quickest ET ever in an AWD Honda at Cecil County Dragway on May 2nd, 2020 during a private test and tune rental with the Prayoonto Racing team. This car previously had sat in the number 2 spot on the Top Ten list with a but he is now on top taking out the ran by KKT Racing that was ahead of him.
We were lucky enough to be invited to this private team rental and captured as much as we could from in car to out of car to in the pits. I know this video is a little long but I wanted you guys to see as much of this day as possible as it is such a historic moment for Honda Drag Racing!

Big congrats to team and car owner Norris Prayoonto, Angel, Rob R. Rob Mapps, Vicente and the everyone who has had a hand in this cars success. This is a whole new look and its first time out with the Belak wrap on, a whole bunch of new upgrades came with it and to see the car already ahead of its previous best is awesome. Especially considering this was a 70 degree plus temperature day compared to those optimal cooler conditions around November when this car ran its Simply put, it has more in it!!
How low can we see this Honda go?! Can we see a !

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