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We Finally Understand The John Wick Timeline

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2014 saw the release of a little movie about a retired assassin on a quest to avenge his dog. Thanks to the star power of Keanu Reeves and some killer fight choreography, John Wick became a phenomenon, and a franchise was born. Here's what we know so far about Mr. Wick's past, his criminal career, his motivations… and what he intends to do next.

Not much is known about John Wick's early life, but we do learn in John Wick: Chapter 3: — Parabellum that "John Wick" is not his real name and that he's an orphan. When he's desperate for assistance after being declared excommunicado, he goes to see the Director, and during their meeting it's revealed to the audience that his real name is Jardani Jovanovich, and that his ancestry is Belarusian. This heritage, and John's status as the last of his particular tribe, is enough to ensure him safe passage from New York City to Casablanca.

In addition to the combat training he presumably underwent as a young man via the Director, at some point in his life Wick may have entered the United States Marine Corps. The tattoo across his upper back is Latin for "Fortune Favors the Bold," the motto of the 3rd Marine Regiment stationed in Hawaii, which itself is likely a nod to Keanu Reeves' own Hawaiian heritage.

Watch the video to finally understand the John Wick timeline!

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Early life | 0:20
Baba Yaga | 1:14
The Impossible Task | 1:54
Retirement | 2:45
Vengeance for Daisy | 3:34
The marker | 4:40
Excommunicado | 5:50
The Elder | 6:57
The Adjudicator | 7:46
"Prepare for War" | 8:33
The Bowery Alliance | 9:30

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