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Watch Me Work: Cat Burglar vs. Police Dog, Super Story War

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Watch me bring a promo illustration for Super Story War from rough sketch to finish. Roughly 7 hours of work played at 4000% speed.

Cantrip Games' Story War is a storytelling party game where you fight your friends by referencing fantasy, myth, and pop culture and making up crazy situations. I've been Lead llustrator since the beginning of the project in 2012. This particular image is promotional content for Story War's second deck, Super Story War. While the first deck features creatures from mythology and fairy tales, the second features renditions of character tropes from film and television, like Cyborg, Detective, Lawyer, or Mad Scientist.

Learn more about Story War here: http://www.cantripgames.com/storywar/
Follow our dev blog here: http://www.cantripgames.tumblr.com

Follow my blog here: http://www.vondellswain.tumblr.com

Music courtesy of Maxton Stenstrom/Infinitefreefall from the Story War Battle Album.

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