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Watch Dogs 3 Legion - Official Reveal Trailer & Release Date - E3 2019

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Watch Dogs 3 Legion - Official Reveal Trailer & Release Date - E3 2019

Watch Dogs 3 is official, ubisoft has confirmed and officially revealed the third installment of the saga called Watch Dogs Legion.

After the teaser trailer published on the ubisoft game page, he also released the watch dogs legion official trailer which shows the setting of the game and the characters.

Watch Dogs 3 does not provide a single protagonist of the game, but an entire team of characters that can be used as we please, once the character is dead we will have to move on to the next character because that will no longer be usable in the game.

Watch Dogs Legion is set in a post-Brexit world where society, politics and technology have changed and altered the fortunes of London, with the watch dogs legion trailer the rumors of the past few hours have also been confirmed, the players will be able to take on the role of any character present in the new open world context shaped by Ubisoft. "Every individual you meet in the open world has a complete series of animations, dubbing, distinctive features and visual elements that are generated and guided by the gameplay

Ubisoft as tradition will participate in E3 2019 with a conference where we can expect numerous trailers and gameplay for its upcoming games already announced and maybe even some interesting news. During the ubisoft e3 2019 conference Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be shown and will present new content regarding The Division 2, For Honor and Rainbow Six: Siege, the absence of Skull & Bones and Beyond Good & Evil 2 which will have a live streaming on June 5, and that almost certainly will not be present at the ubisoft e3 2019 panel.
what is E3 2019?

E3 is one of the most important videogame fairs of the year, it takes place in Los Angeles usually in June, this year it will take place from June 11th to June 14th, developers and publishers use these 3 days to release big news in the videogame sector.

E3 2019 has finally begun, and never before this year the Los Angeles event promises to be full of twists and new developments. As we know, Playstation will not participate in the fair this year with its traditional e3 2019 conference, as Sony announced several months ago that it did not have enough games to present at e3 19.

Microsoft instead will be present with an e3 2019 live stream on which it aims a lot and which promises to be full of news and interesting announcements, the other e3 2019 panels of Bethesda, Ubisoft and Square Enix are also confirmed, to which are added the PC Gaming Show, Nintendo Direct and the event organized by Devolver Digital.

A separate discussion should be made for Electronic Arts, which this year presents a very different EA Play than usual, it will not hold a classic e3 19 conference but a streaming event lasting about 3 hours scheduled for Saturday 8 June, where EA should show more details on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Season 2 of Apex Legends, upcoming Battlefield 5 content, but of course also FIFA 20 and Madden NFL 20.

This is the list of all the conferences announced for E3 2019:
- EA Play
- Xbox Conference (Xbox E3 Briefing)
- Bethesda
- PC Gaming Show
- Ubisoft
- AMD Next Horizon Gaming
- Square Enix
- Nintendo Direct

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