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Visiting the Last Blockbuster Video - Cinemassacre

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James, Justin, and Kieran traveled to the last Blockbuster Video that's located in Bend, Oregon!! They took a road trip down from Portland, after Portland Retro Gaming Expo weekend October, 2019. The sights, sounds, and smells of their old stomping grounds was like something else. A flash from the past, where you would always go every Friday night to get the newest movie releases, hottest games, or obscure b-movie rentals. Sadly, Blockbuster's 9,000 world-wide locations dwindled down to just one. But, that comes with everything turning or with movies just slapped into the Red Box at your local grocery store. Regardless, the Last Blockbuster in Bend is a tribute to anyone who lived in the 90s, especially with their museum section and classic memorabilia everywhere. Thanks to the owner Sandi for allowing us to film in the store! And, sorry that our audio isn't the best, the store is very active.

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