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TURN THE PAGES OF HISTORY Chevrolet Leader News Vol 3, No 2

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Chevrolet Leader News Vol 3, No 2

by Handy (Jam) Organization

Publication date 1937
Usage Public Domain
Topics Car culture: Newsreels, Automobiles: Advertising
Digitizing sponsor Chevrolet Division, General Motors Corporation

Promotional newsreel containing a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories.


FISHERMAN GOES OVERBOARD, WRESTLES DEEP-SEA GIANT. Two fishermen on fishing boat spot their prey and clean their harpoon. Man dives in and wrestles with huge turtle; lands it, hoists it on top of 1937 Chevrolet and drive off. NEW LIMOUSINE FOR HORSES: POLICE STEEDS TAKE IT EASY. Detroit policemen are shown saddling up horse; they march out of stable to a van pulled by a Chevrolet truck; horses dismount from trailer; CU of policeman directing traffic in city of Detroit. GOLF INSTRUCTOR FINDS FORM BETTER ALONG OCEAN BEACH. Golfer performs tricks with bathing beauties around a 1937 Chevrolet. He drives the golf ball off car as it travels along beach with women. FARMERS WAR AGAINST DUST: FIGHT TO SAVE WHEAT CROP. Dust Bowl: wind blowing soil in Kansas farm; devastation along fence row. Wind blows. Well riggers drilling water well. Farmer pulls ditches across field with his tractor for irrigation. CU of Chevrolet engine pumping water from well; water in irrigation ditch; shows field with grass growing. Pan shot to ditch filled with water. Pan of deserted farm. 1937 Chevrolet drives to farm buildings; lots of dust and soil on road. CU of Chevrolet engine pumping water. DOGGY CROWD GETS RINGSIDE SEATS FOR PUSSYWEIGHT BATTLE. Two cats in "boxing" ring battle it out; dogs at ringside watch. Paws are covered with safety gloves to protect cats' eyes and faces.

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