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Trucker Jay in the UK: How to strap a trailer

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See what kit I use for Trucking here
New truckers handbook

---------The Road Legends!---------
A Group of mates who also vlog! You may well have heard of them?
Luke C:
Kevin -
Scott -
Martyn -

New site
Instagram page:

Noob Trucker in the UK, bringing other new drivers the heads up on what its really like as a new driver. Milti drop and have been driving commercially for one year now and my vlogs are here to show you what driving a HGV the the UK is really like, I don't delete the bad bits its all raw and as it happens.

I will answer all questions as soon as I can. please note this channel is for entertainment purposes only and not to be used as a guide. I just try to show you haw it is. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from links to amazon that may be listed above. Prices are correct if mentioned at the time of upload. prices and delivery charges may change.

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