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Tour of Casita Freedom Deluxe | 2 Doves Nation Birdhouse with Polly | Ep. 16

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We wanted to do a walkthrough of our 2004 Casita Freedom Deluxe in a little bit of different way.

Ace, Me & Polly started our full-time RV adventure on February 8, 2019. Our Casita Freedom Deluxe, also known as the bird house, was lovingly cared for by it’s other owners. Even though our unit is a 2004, it’s been given plenty of
“TLC” and has so nifty modifications. Because we share our little birdhouse with Polly the Pug, we thought she would like to give the tour.

Inside the birdhouse, the seats have been changed out to give a little more walking space. Under the dinette, one of the owners created wooden storage compartments where we keep our drinking water (can’t stand the fresh tank taste.) Our Casita FD also has a custom butcher block table and sink cover. We took off our closet door because we like to take our shoes off before we enter the house.

We opted to take out the microwave to give us a little more kitchen/pantry space and keep quite a few groceries in the birdhouse. Polly the pug’s bed moves all around the floor of the Casita, because we don’t want to step on her. One of our favorite additions is the custom drawer underneath the bed. The drawer goes under the entire width of the bed and adds soooo much storage. I know for a fact that it’s tall enough to site wine bottles in it too

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