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  • 00:21 Watch The Doggy | Compositing Mark Removal

    Watch The Doggy | Compositing Mark Removal

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    So two of our recent videos required a bit of compositing to get rid of an element. Then we realised they were both were dogs. We give you "Watch The Doggy" , a quick display of compositing dog tricks! https://dogdaymedia.com https://facebook.com/DogDayMe

  • 03:28 Le Damn Dog "Watch Out"

    Le Damn Dog "Watch Out"

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    Directed by Jonathan Bensimhon First musicvideo from the up & coming rock sensation Le Damn Dog. Dont miss "Watch Out", a crazy & hypnotic track combined with the work of promising young director, Jonathan Bensimhon. DOP: Patience Priso & Xavier Dolléans

  • 00:49 Watch_Dogs - Wearedata [RU]

    Watch_Dogs - Wearedata [RU]

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    Special For: https://vk.com/watch_dogs A teaser for the upcoming experience of Watch_Dogs

  • 01:22 Watch Dogs / Environments

    Watch Dogs / Environments

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    Level Art Demo Reel // Real-Time work on Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs : Bad Blood. Done at Ubisoft Paris studio, 2012-2014. Thanks a lot to the amazing Ubisoft Paris Art team, and to the whole WD crew! For a more detailed view of my work, please check the Wa

  • 00:48 Watch_Dogs - "What If?"

    Watch_Dogs - "What If?"

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    1st Year Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Final Major Project. In anticipation of Ubisoft's upcoming game Watch_Dogs, I decided to create a short trailer as part of my final major project on the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics course in Uni. 3DS Max, Bui

  • 00:10 Watch Dogs Tribute

    Watch Dogs Tribute

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  • 03:56 WATCH DOGS - New Gamplay Demo [HD]

    WATCH DOGS - New Gamplay Demo [HD]

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    New Watch Dogs Gameplay Walkthrough (with music/without other voices). Special For: https://vk.com/watch_dogs Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/GrandElVlad

  • 02:42 WATCH DOGS - Official Multiplayer Gameplay [UK]

    WATCH DOGS - Official Multiplayer Gameplay [UK]

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    Demonstration of seamless multiplayer gameplay of Watch_Dogs. Special For: https://vk.com/watch_dogs & ctOS-network.ru В этом году на выставке Е3 2013 компания Ubisoft сделал упор не только на демонстрации особенностей одиночной игры Watch_Dogs, но также

  • 02:24 WATCH DOGS - New Official Story Trailer #2 [UK]

    WATCH DOGS - New Official Story Trailer #2 [UK]

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    New Official Announcement Story Trailer of Watch_Dogs! Release Date - 27, May. Our Group: https://vk.com/watch_dogs TWITTΣR: https://twitter.com/watch_dogs_next FΔCΣBOØK: http://www.facebook.com/WatchDogsNext TUMBLR: http://watch-dogs-next.tumblr.com/