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  • 04:06 Watch Dogs Funny Moments | Taco Power

    Watch Dogs Funny Moments | Taco Power

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    ▲https://twitter.com/mrvenomomg ◆This video took quite a long amount of time and it is really hard ◆to satisfy me (me gusta) but I was real proud of this video I had ◆2 more clips which would make it about 5-5:30 mins but they ◆were quite boring.

  • 01:41 Watch_Dogs /// Playstation Exclusive Trailer

    Watch_Dogs /// Playstation Exclusive Trailer

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    Client : Ubisoft, Sony Playstation Ubisoft and Sony PlayStation asked REZ to create a trailer that would showcase exclusive content from the highly anticipated game: Watch Dogs. We threw all our talent and creativity into this gorgeous action packed trail