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  • 01:21 Some Bunny to Love. Watch, Share, Adopt!

    Some Bunny to Love. Watch, Share, Adopt!

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    Can anybody find me...some bunny to love? Watch this cute video featuring adoptable rabbits at the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham, NH. Watch. Share, Adopt. When people think to adopt one of our animals at the New Hampshire SPCA, they often forget that we

  • 01:20 Wheelchair Dog Plays in the Dog Run

    Wheelchair Dog Plays in the Dog Run

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    Can a little wheelchair dog play with the other dogs in the dog run? Let's see! Oscar Madison NYC https://www.facebook.com/OscarMadisonNYC If your dog run is sandy or grassy you can use a drag bag for just as much fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDDrp

  • 01:01 To Be An "Avy Dog"

    To Be An "Avy Dog"

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    Watch Zoot, Lando, and Sienna in action in this "dog's eye view" of the Ski Patrol Demonstration at the 2018 Aspen Winter Games, presented by the Shining Stars Foundation. This video is from the 2018 Shining Stars News newscast.

  • 00:58 DOGS (POEM by Ampat Koshy)

    DOGS (POEM by Ampat Koshy)

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    Indian Poet Ampat Koshy's poem for ROMANIAN - DOGS "ALIVE" Read by Gina Nemo ********************** DOGS By Ampat Koshy When the hatred grows and reaches its peak Is unleashed The children and dogs cry Bleed black Die The angels watch helpless, haloes swi

  • 03:41 Melrose Park Neglected Dogs

    Melrose Park Neglected Dogs

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    Houston we have an epidemic! Unwanted dogs are being dumped like garbage all over Melrose Park. The amazing people MPND are doing all the can to help these innocent souls but need your help. This Saturday they are having a blanket drive and its an easy wa

  • 05:47 The Story of Luna Part I & II

    The Story of Luna Part I & II

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    Part I Starving and neglected, Luna is a special dog rescued by CANDi International photographer Tracey Buyce while with CANDi in Bonfil, Mexico, just outside of Cancun. CANDi works with international volunteers and locals in areas like Bonfil to save ani

  • 00:53 RedTube Thank Dogs for Doggystyle PSA

    RedTube Thank Dogs for Doggystyle PSA

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    RedTube is venturing into dog rescue with its latest initiative: Thank Dogs for Doggystyle. RedTube is offering the best way for you to help dogs in need: by donating 1 cent for every 1000 videos viewed on our site. All proceeds will go to a non-profit or