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    REZ used more than a smartphone to hack the launch trailer for Ubisoft Watch Dogs Bad Blood! See how T-Bone takes control.

  • 01:32 Watch Dogs

    Watch Dogs

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    Compacto Gameplay

  • 08:33 Watch Dogs PS4 Exclusive Contract "DELETE"

    Watch Dogs PS4 Exclusive Contract "DELETE"

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  • 02:52 Watch_Dogs Opening Title Sequence

    Watch_Dogs Opening Title Sequence

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    Ubisoft Montreal approached Spov to collaborate on the opening sequence for their flagship title, Watch_Dogs. Spov were asked to visualise the interior workings of a super-connected network of devices, operating in the fictional near future world in which

  • 06:05 Watch Dogs - Fan Film

    Watch Dogs - Fan Film

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    (Hope you enjoyed it. Please use the Tip Jar below to help us make more awesome videos!) STAY UPDATED ON FACEBOOK: facebook.com/infectiousdesigner SEE MORE HERE: youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=INFECTIOUSDESIGNER CAST: Director/Editor/VFX: Brian

  • 04:50 [Gameplay] Watch Dogs - PS4

    [Gameplay] Watch Dogs - PS4

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    Démonstration du Gameplay du jeu Watch Dogs sur PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 et PC.

  • 01:52 Watch_dogs /// Launch trailer

    Watch_dogs /// Launch trailer

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    Client : UBISOFT REZ is proud to present its 4th trailer for the highly anticipated game Watch Dogs. Save the date! It is launch time!

  • 01:26 Watch_Dogs - World Premiere Gameplay Trailer: Out of Control

    Watch_Dogs - World Premiere Gameplay Trailer: Out of Control

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    Watch_Dogs - World Premiere Gameplay Trailer: Out of Control Client : Ubisoft Directed by REZ Find out how Aiden Pearce will use the city of Chicago against the people who crossed him and how far he will go to make them pay. WATCH_DOGS | © 2013 Ubisoft En

  • 04:06 Watch Dogs Funny Moments | Taco Power

    Watch Dogs Funny Moments | Taco Power

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    ▲https://twitter.com/mrvenomomg ◆This video took quite a long amount of time and it is really hard ◆to satisfy me (me gusta) but I was real proud of this video I had ◆2 more clips which would make it about 5-5:30 mins but they ◆were quite boring.

  • 01:41 Watch_Dogs /// Playstation Exclusive Trailer

    Watch_Dogs /// Playstation Exclusive Trailer

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    Client : Ubisoft, Sony Playstation Ubisoft and Sony PlayStation asked REZ to create a trailer that would showcase exclusive content from the highly anticipated game: Watch Dogs. We threw all our talent and creativity into this gorgeous action packed trail

  • 00:30 Watch_Dogs /// PS4 Commercial

    Watch_Dogs /// PS4 Commercial

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    REZ teams up with Sony and Ubisoft to create the in-game footage for their latest ps4 TV spot! A trailer that is worth sharing!