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  • 01:52 COCONUT DOG


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    There is a dog in the Cayman Islands that likes to chase after coconuts. Watch more of my videos on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/billschannel

  • 05:48 How to photograph a Dog | LearnMyShot.com

    How to photograph a Dog | LearnMyShot.com

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    Watch this tutorial to learn a photography technique how to photograph your pet in studio or at home using inexpensive lighting setup. Apply the same technique to shoot a cat, bunny, pig, pony, tiger ..... More tutorials at http://learnmyshot.com

  • 03:38 Dogs Need Praise

    Dogs Need Praise

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    What's the one thing that most dog owners are not doing enough? Praise. Are you praising your dog enough? Watch this week's video to find out if a lack of praise could be at the root of your dog's behavioral problems.

  • 02:38 7 Ways to Overcome Loss of Appetite in Dogs| Boneo Canine®

    7 Ways to Overcome Loss of Appetite in Dogs| Boneo Canine®

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    Watch our latest video, Dog Surgery Recovery 7 Ways to Overcome Loss of Appetite in Dogs. After surgery involving anesthesia dogs experience grogginess, pain, and nausea. This usually causes their food to seem unappealing. Use these tips to entice your do

  • 11:50 Downward Dog

    Downward Dog

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    WATCH THE NEW SHOW BASED ON THIS WEB SERIES STARTING WEDNESDAY MAY 17 9:30|8:30c ON ABC : http://abc.go.com/shows/downward-dog 00:00 - Episode 1: Friendship 01:17 - Episode 2: Walking 02:32 - Episode 3: Aging 03:51 - Episode 4: Animal Instincts 05:22 - Ep