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  • 01:00 Популярные Demo Reel 2019

    Demo Reel 2019

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    My 2019 Demo Reel, an edit of my motion design projects of the last 5 years, through which I had the chance to work with a bunch of talented and passionate people - Thanks for watching! Music by: Chilly Gonzales, Boys Noize 00:00 : Reel 19 Intro 00:08 : L

  • 02:07 Популярные Hello Orange Mapping Event with Nyx Visual

    Hello Orange Mapping Event with Nyx Visual

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    Hello Orange Event, This part was done by Fink for NYX Visual and Havas Event Based on Watch Dogs "we are data" by Mattias Peresini

  • 00:56 Watch Dogs - Launch Trailer Making of

    Watch Dogs - Launch Trailer Making of

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    Ubisoft asked REZ to create a launch trailer for their game Watch Dogs. The challenge here was to create a very engaging piece that would end the communication campaign while relying on the game itself. At REZ, we believe a trailer should evoke the emotio

  • 00:48 Watch_Dogs - "What If?"

    Watch_Dogs - "What If?"

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    1st Year Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Final Major Project. In anticipation of Ubisoft's upcoming game Watch_Dogs, I decided to create a short trailer as part of my final major project on the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics course in Uni. 3DS Max, Bui

  • 01:29 Antibody Design Reel

    Antibody Design Reel

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    www.antibody.tv Titles. Trailers. Story. by Design. Featured Projects: HBO's True Detective Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. NBC's The Blacklist Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Tom Clancy's The Division Brookings White House Briefing Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Virus TED I