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  • 01:35 Популярные Barkos (Narcos Intro Parody)

    Barkos (Narcos Intro Parody)

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    For licensing / embedding, please contact me directly. The Netflix show "Narcos" has a great intro, and I wanted to see if I could pull off something similar. I made "Barkos" as an attempt to recreate the effects and vibe of the original, shot-for-shot, b

  • 01:00 Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus trailer

    Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus trailer

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    Meet Marcus Holloway, the lead character in Ubisoft's hotly anticipated follow-up to Watch Dogs! We worked closely with the team at Ubisoft Montreal on this trailer, using in-game assets and artwork from our pals at ilovedust to create an animated languag

  • 02:52 Watch_Dogs Opening Title Sequence

    Watch_Dogs Opening Title Sequence

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    Ubisoft Montreal approached Spov to collaborate on the opening sequence for their flagship title, Watch_Dogs. Spov were asked to visualise the interior workings of a super-connected network of devices, operating in the fictional near future world in which

  • 01:28 Cats & Dogs 2 - storyboard slideshow by Imaginary Forces

    Cats & Dogs 2 - storyboard slideshow by Imaginary Forces

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    Part of a feature article on Watch the Titles: http://watchthetitles.com/articles/00199-Cats_and_Dogs_The_Revenge_of_Kitty_Galore Follow us on: http://facebook.com/watchthetitles http://twitter.com/watchthetitles http://watchthetitles.com

  • 01:32 Kun Chang | Watch Dogs Cinematic

    Kun Chang | Watch Dogs Cinematic

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