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  • 20:41 Episode 12 "Los Cazadores Hog Contest"

    Episode 12 "Los Cazadores Hog Contest"

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    It's Pig Man and the boys at it again in South Texas at the renowned Los Cazadores Ranch. Watch Pig Man, Big Keith, Dap, Willie, and Herschel hit the hogs with some dogs in the 2010 Murranos Muertos Hog Dog Challenge.

  • 05:38 Bear Hunt

    Bear Hunt

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    I went on a bear hunt outside Emmett with my neighbors Matt Gosse and Harry Youren and their dogs, Fall 2012. You can watch a more in depth version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33iuSFKx2Mo You can also watch Matt and Harry now on TruTVs new show