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  • 01:00 Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus trailer

    Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus trailer

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    Meet Marcus Holloway, the lead character in Ubisoft's hotly anticipated follow-up to Watch Dogs! We worked closely with the team at Ubisoft Montreal on this trailer, using in-game assets and artwork from our pals at ilovedust to create an animated languag

  • 06:22 Hacking as a weapon! (Watch Dogs Prague Fan Video)

    Hacking as a weapon! (Watch Dogs Prague Fan Video)

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    Free budget video about hacking in future based on game Watch Dogs. DIRECTOR TOMAS FALCON https://www.facebook.com/Tomas.Falcon... PRODUCTION MARTIN WELLBLOUD CINEMATOGRAPHER ANTON EVDOSHENKO https://www.facebook.com/TheMadMosqui... SOUND DESIGNER MATOUŠ

  • 04:42 Watch Dogs

    Watch Dogs

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    Watch the best in gaming trailers documentary