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  • 01:27 WATCH_DOGS - Sound Design Redub

    WATCH_DOGS - Sound Design Redub

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    All the audio including the music has been redesigned by myself. The video is property of Ubisoft 2013.

  • 02:52 Watch Dogs Intro Sequence

    Watch Dogs Intro Sequence

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  • 01:22 Watch Dogs / Environments

    Watch Dogs / Environments

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    Level Art Demo Reel // Real-Time work on Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs : Bad Blood. Done at Ubisoft Paris studio, 2012-2014. Thanks a lot to the amazing Ubisoft Paris Art team, and to the whole WD crew! For a more detailed view of my work, please check the Wa

  • 03:29 Watch Dogs 2 Animation Reel

    Watch Dogs 2 Animation Reel

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    A reel of some of the work I've done when working on the project Watch dogs 2. Property belongs to Ubisoft Montreal Music by: Hudson Mohawke- Shangaied

  • 06:22 Hacking as a weapon! (Watch Dogs Prague Fan Video)

    Hacking as a weapon! (Watch Dogs Prague Fan Video)

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    Free budget video about hacking in future based on game Watch Dogs. DIRECTOR TOMAS FALCON https://www.facebook.com/Tomas.Falcon... PRODUCTION MARTIN WELLBLOUD CINEMATOGRAPHER ANTON EVDOSHENKO https://www.facebook.com/TheMadMosqui... SOUND DESIGNER MATOUŠ

  • 00:56 Watch Dogs - Launch Trailer Making of

    Watch Dogs - Launch Trailer Making of

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    Ubisoft asked REZ to create a launch trailer for their game Watch Dogs. The challenge here was to create a very engaging piece that would end the communication campaign while relying on the game itself. At REZ, we believe a trailer should evoke the emotio

  • 00:48 Watch_Dogs - "What If?"

    Watch_Dogs - "What If?"

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    1st Year Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Final Major Project. In anticipation of Ubisoft's upcoming game Watch_Dogs, I decided to create a short trailer as part of my final major project on the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics course in Uni. 3DS Max, Bui



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    ::::::: WATCH DOGS :::::::: Watch Dogs (stylised as WATCH_DOGS) is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, best known for their work on the Far Cry and Assassin's Creed franchises, to be released in 2013 for Micr

  • 01:08 Matt Schwartz - VFX Reel - Watch Dogs 2

    Matt Schwartz - VFX Reel - Watch Dogs 2

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    A selection of FX I had the pleasure of working on for Watch Dogs 2. I was responsible for environment, gameplay and in-game cinematic fx for this project on the Toronto produced content. This was a collaborative effort between the fantastically talented