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  • 01:00 Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus trailer

    Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus trailer

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    Meet Marcus Holloway, the lead character in Ubisoft's hotly anticipated follow-up to Watch Dogs! We worked closely with the team at Ubisoft Montreal on this trailer, using in-game assets and artwork from our pals at ilovedust to create an animated languag

  • 01:10 Watch_Dogs 2 DEDSEC VIDEO

    Watch_Dogs 2 DEDSEC VIDEO

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    In 2016, I was given the immense privilege to work on the second edition of Ubisoft's Watch Dog Series, primarily on all the videos related to the famous Hacker group of the game, Dedsec. My main activity was to ensure that our work was consistent and coh

  • 01:25 DedSec - Watch Dogs 2 | Become Marcus

    DedSec - Watch Dogs 2 | Become Marcus

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    A beautiful transformation from a simple gamer to the main caracter of the game through clothes and products that gives the entire look and style of Marcus from Watch Dog 2 Production company: Fh Studio Producer: Fayçal Hajji Film Director & Concept: Stép