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  • 01:20 Wheelchair Dog Plays in the Dog Run

    Wheelchair Dog Plays in the Dog Run

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    Can a little wheelchair dog play with the other dogs in the dog run? Let's see! Oscar Madison NYC https://www.facebook.com/OscarMadisonNYC If your dog run is sandy or grassy you can use a drag bag for just as much fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDDrp

  • 01:41 Dogs without Borders - Esther

    Dogs without Borders - Esther

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    Esther aka Ettie is a Poodle mix Bichon we are fostering for the week from animals without borders. She needs a forever family soon, please watch and share, and if you have extra room, care, love and attention to spare go over to dogswithoutborders.org to

  • 04:19 Популярные THE CUTE SHOW: BABY SLOTHS


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    I made this video for www.vice.com, Vice magazine's brilliant online channel. It was shot at the Aviarios Sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica: www.slothrescue.org. For more of my sloth photos and videos visit www.slothville.com To watch more amazing Cute Shows

  • 04:07 Популярные Derailed


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    Directed by Yon Hui Lee A pack of dogs head out for lunch unaware of what's ahead of them. This is my 3rd year film at CalArts! Thanks to my family, friends, teachers and everyone else who were involved in the making of this film! Software used: TVP, Afte

  • 01:40 Watch Dog - VFS Modeling Project - Laura Ambrosiano

    Watch Dog - VFS Modeling Project - Laura Ambrosiano

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    This is my modeling project from VFS