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  • 02:30 Dogtor


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    My second year film at CalArts! It's about friendship and reflecting on personal journeys--also dogs! Making this film definitely got me out of my comfort zone and proved to be a great learning experience! Thank you to faculty and classmates for all your

  • 04:07 Популярные Derailed


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    Directed by Yon Hui Lee A pack of dogs head out for lunch unaware of what's ahead of them. This is my 3rd year film at CalArts! Thanks to my family, friends, teachers and everyone else who were involved in the making of this film! Software used: TVP, Afte

  • 03:49 Me and My Dog

    Me and My Dog

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    The boy who has to sing in front of people overcomes his trauma. Original Music by Meg and Jude Sound Design/Mix by Megan Ruiz Dedicated to my sweet dog.. Watch other films made by my classmates: vimeo.com/channels/calartscharanimfilms2015