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  • 10:45 Isle Of Dogs: A Puppy Snap Of Utter Brilliance

    Isle Of Dogs: A Puppy Snap Of Utter Brilliance

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    Who knew a story of canines banished to a trash wasteland due to a corrupt mayor could be so charming? Thumbnail & Deer OC Art by Cody Slusher: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwGoV3CK2dUqPtQsokfEkMQ & https://vimeo.com/criticalkidreviews VIMEO: https://

  • 01:52 COCONUT DOG


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    There is a dog in the Cayman Islands that likes to chase after coconuts. Watch more of my videos on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/billschannel

  • 01:00 Prairie Dogs - In A Colorado Minute (Week 203)

    Prairie Dogs - In A Colorado Minute (Week 203)

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    Prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus) can be found all over the North America's prairie and grasslands, including right here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Considered a disease-carrying pest by most locals and an easy to find shooting target for others, I'm sur

  • 05:47 The Story of Luna Part I & II

    The Story of Luna Part I & II

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    Part I Starving and neglected, Luna is a special dog rescued by CANDi International photographer Tracey Buyce while with CANDi in Bonfil, Mexico, just outside of Cancun. CANDi works with international volunteers and locals in areas like Bonfil to save ani

  • 06:28 The Dog and the Suitcase (Short Film)

    The Dog and the Suitcase (Short Film)

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    Sarah, a young girl who, whilst dog-sitting her neighbor's Labrador for the week returns home to find the dog dead. This is only the beginning of her problems as she journeys across the city to take the dog to the vets. Along the way she is befriended by

  • 11:50 Downward Dog

    Downward Dog

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    WATCH THE NEW SHOW BASED ON THIS WEB SERIES STARTING WEDNESDAY MAY 17 9:30|8:30c ON ABC : http://abc.go.com/shows/downward-dog 00:00 - Episode 1: Friendship 01:17 - Episode 2: Walking 02:32 - Episode 3: Aging 03:51 - Episode 4: Animal Instincts 05:22 - Ep