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yes, I did say i will quit for good and not post videos here. but i didn't say that i delete this channel didn't i?.
no i will never come back.

Quiz about Arina:




Questions (?)

- Are you coming back?
•Sorry, but my answer is no

- Where do you live? Is that really your dog?
• 1) It's privacy, 2.) Yes it's ours

- Why did you leave this channel?
• Please check my recent[Old] video i posted on New Year.

- Is Dating a Bad Boy still continued? Together with Ms. Trouble Maker?

• Yes, they both will still be continued.

Dating a Bad Boy: I made a mini movie of all the episodes I posted here.

Ms. Trouble Maker: I made a "Girls vs Boys | Singing Competition" and the trailer together with part 1- 2 is still being made. It's taking a while because I lost motivation of making episodes now, but now i gained some motivation. And that's all.

Thank you.

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