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Red Zone Full Movie With English Subtitles | Seshu KMR | Aziz Naser | Ali Reza | Silly Monks Deccan

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Watch #RedZoneMovie by Seshu KMR. Starring : #AzizNaser, Ali Reza, Akbar BinTabar, Sufi Khan, Shiva Mamidi, Hussain Raza, and others. Music by Gaurav- Pratham. Editor: Mahendranath. Production House : Playback by #SeshuKMR.

Storyline : Red Zone revolves around the lives of a Film cast & crew based in Hyderabad. Just when they are about to take off with a project that would become a breakthrough for their careers, the Corona virus strikes and they get stuck in the abyss of the Covid Lockdown. The story unravels the experience of the team through their smartphones, laptops as they interact with each other…and underneath these conversations emerges a layer of introspection. 

What makes ‘Red Zone’ stand out is the uniqueness in its making. Creator Seshu KMR conceived the idea for this experimental project during Corona lockdown.  It is an out-of-state play involving Face Timing of multiple characters with each other night and day during the period of isolation. This is an attempt to explore how the extracts of video calls could be used to tell a story.

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