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Our Pitch to Investors - A Sneak Peek at Outdoor Cam, Video Doorbell, Thermostat, and Wyze Services

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While our current business is weathering the COVID-19 storm well​, we’ve decided to raise a little bit of cash due to the economic uncertainty out there. Here's the video we are showing at the start of every investor pitch right now.

We've made the tough decision not to apply for the government-funded Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), though we can meet the requirements. Instead, we've started taking meetings with many interested investors that have been reaching out to us.

We wanted to pull you into the room and share our investor pitch video with you. This is the video we’ve been playing at the beginning of every meeting with potential investors. We hope this gives you a peek into what you can expect from Wyze in the near future (including a quick first look at the outdoor cam, video doorbell, thermostat, and new Wyze services).

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