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How to prevent dogs from Ticks || Know your Pet ||

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How to prevent Dogs from Ticks and Fleas

Guys in this video we discuss about how to prevent your dog fromTicks and Fleas.
As we all know Ticks and Fleas painfull for our pets because of them our dogs got rashes , skin infection and even hairfall.
In order to prevent them we provide u 3 useful tips

1.when you found that ur dog is infected with these nasty parasites You can use Anti-tick powder and Anti-tick shampoo to get rid from them.

2.When powder and shampoo became uneffective to cure these problem now you have to take help of your hands and start plucking them out manually.Make sure to check some most vunerable areas whose are mainly infected from ticks
-between the feet and below the feet of your dogs
-under the tail
-under the neck collar
- inside the ear
-on the eyese lid
-on elbows
- near the private part

3. Nexgard
guys nexgard is first chewable tablet which prevents your dog from fleas and ticks and also prevent the skin infestion. Its active formula directly attacks on the nerves system of parasites and kill them even stopping the egg production

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