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Friday Fortnite Week 1 Highlights Round 3 [Fortnite Tournament 2019]

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Fortnite Friday Tournament Week 1 Highlights Round 3 - Fortnite Tournament 2019. Fotnite Friday Season 2 Tournament – Round 3 Highlights!

Best Friday Fortnite Tournament Highlights Here!

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During the Friday Fortnite broadcast, FaZe Clan & FaZe Banks will select ONE (1) random viewer of the UMGEvents Twitch channel via chat to win $10,000.

How It Works:

- Once the tournament begins, players will setup a SQUADS lobby and invite their opponent.
- The higher seeded team (closest to zero) will host first. Hosting will then alternate until the match is complete.
- Matches will be Best of 2, most kills advance to the next round.


- The higher seeded team (number closest to zero), will host the first match. Host will then switch, alternating for every game played.
- Teams must host from their geographical location. Example, if you reside in North America, you cannot choose EU servers.


- Teaming is allowed. however, players cannot directly cause the elimination of their opponents.
- All rulings are final and will be made at the discretion of UMG Staff.

Examples of sabotage include but are not limited to:

- Breaking or weakening opponent's built or non built structures or cover by any means.
- Causing opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way shape or form.
- Building in front of your opponent.
- Boogie Bombing your opponent.
- The use of a boogie on your opponent at any point in the game are subject to disqualification

Respawn Vans:

- Players can use the respawn vans! If they do not have their teammates revive card they cannot use the respawn van.

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