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Fresh pet - Cats vs Dogs Which Pet Is Better Freshpet

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"Are you dog person or cat person? Tell us why with the hashtag #catsvsdogs

Watch the Behind the Scenes video here to see how we did it! http://youtu.be/_HQ_UurbEZE

We are on a mission – to bring the power of fresh, real food to dogs and cats. And we’re committed to doing so in ways that are good for our pets, for people and for the planet.

At Freshpet, our dogs and cats aren’t just our pets. They’re part of the family. And as our families choose to eat fresh, less-processed foods, we thought it made sense that our pets should too. That’s why we made Freshpet. Freshpet isn’t found on the shelf like every other pet food. You’ll only find it in the Freshpet fridge. Just fresh meats and fresh veggies, and no preservatives.

Connect with us!

Special thanks to the Humane Society of Utah and Arctic Breed Rescue for their participation in this video. Many of the dogs and cats in the video are available for adoption!

Created, produced and distributed by Shareability. http://shareability.com
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