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Fan-Made Starfield Trailer Shows What Bethesda Sci-Fi Game Could Look Like by (My Tube)

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Fan-Made Starfield Trailer Shows What Bethesda Sci-Fi Game Could Look Like by (My Tube)
Since officially announcing Starfield at E3 2018, Bethesda has kept quiet about its highly anticipated sci-fi game. It has yet to provide fans with a look at the in-development title, beyond a vague teaser trailer. However, one fan has an idea of what Starfield could look like.
YouTuber Skullzi TV, who also uncovered a Ubisoft patent about Watch Dogs 3, has now posted a fan-made trailer based on what Bethesda’s Starfield could look like. It shows a futuristic vehicle speeding through a grey and desolate environment, navigating craggy rocks and a metallic-looking wasteland. The jagged line on a computer interface hints that the vehicle has a passenger on-board and the player is bringing them to safety.
The imagined Starfield vehicle later arrives at a long road the leads to a huge, towering facility that glows ominously among the mist. The door to the facility does begin to open but viewers don’t get to see what’s inside, making this a great game-conference-quality teaser trailer for a major game.
The voiceover for the fanmade trailer also hints at a larger battle between the game’s protagonist and ambitious human creatives. The trailer speaks of the “ability to learn from past experience” and to use “knowledge to alter their environment,” however, these virtues drove them to the “brink of destruction.”
The trailer is just Skullzi’s interpretation and Starfield may not look anything like this. However, game director Todd Howard has said that Starfield will be a next-generation game and that new hardware will also mean advanced gameplay. Fans may also expect incredible graphics, such as those shown in the trailer.
Realistic rocks and sci-fi vehicles so well detailed that players can see the rust on the axels may not be possible on PS4 and Xbox One, but on the PS5 and the next Xbox, they could be run of the mill. The Starfield development team is so big that Bethesda has formed a new studio to make the game, which also suggests good things about its ambitions for the game.

Unfortunately, it could be a while until fans of Bethesda get to see what Starfield will (really) look like. Bethesda has said that Starfield won’t be at E3 2019, with fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls 6 also skipping the annual games industry event. So until Bethesda gives the game’s graphics and gameplay a formal debut, fans will just have to rely on impressive, fanmade trailers like this one to entertain them.

Starfield is currently in development for unspecified platforms.

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