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Eating a Burger Sent to Space & The Best of April Fools 2019 – Today’s Biggest News

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If you saw some news headlines today that struck you as somewhat unbelievable then I hope you checked the date!

A meditation app for dogs, airplane food delivery and a wedding dress that you take, well, anywhere.

There's only one day a year that announcements this big are all made - April Fools Day!

Yeah, hopefully you're weren't too sucked in by the big news today, like Zoos Victoria bringing dinosaurs back to life or a new invention that turns your breath into sparkling water.

This kind of stuff's been going on for decades and over the years there have been some pretty awesome pranks.

Like the time the BBC told the world that spaghetti grows on trees, or when everyone thought penguins could actually fly.

Nowadays we're all a little wiser and it's mostly about having a laugh at some of the more ridiculous news.

Like the Bureau of Meteorology reoganising rainbows, or a zoo in Sydney's bin chicken exhibition.

Oh and did you know that from now on, all BTN reporters will be replaced with robots?

All hail our mechanical overlords.



There was a worldwide blackout over the weekend but it wasn't an electrical fault, it was Earth Hour.

Big landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum and Christ the Redeemer in Brazil all went dark and Star Wars fans in the Philippines took to the streets with lightsabers!

Earth Hour's all about making people think about how much energy they use and how it contributes to climate change.

All up 180 countries and millions of people took part in the event which was actually started in Australia!



Teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg's just been given a pretty special award!

After another day at the office leading a massive climate protest in Berlin, she took the stage at Germany's Golden Camera Awards to accept the climate protection award, which recognises the hard work she's done to get world leaders to do more about climate change.

In her acceptance speech, Greta said "we live in a strange world where children must sacrifice their education in order to protest against the destruction of their future."

Greta's inspired thousands of kids around the world to march for climate change.



It's been a pretty massive few days for some of Australia's sports stars!

Ash Barty scored the biggest singles title win of her career, beating Karolina Pliskova at the Miami Open to reach number 9 in the world!

She's just the 2nd Aussie to crack the top 10 in the past decade.



Back home in Australia, the AFLW Grand Final smashed the attendance record, pulling in the biggest ever crowd in a national womens comp.

Only around 20,000 fans were expected to rock up to the big game.

Instead a whopping 53,034 people came to watch the Crows smash the Blues and win their second grand final in 3 years!

There were some big goals, even bigger hangers and some pretty heartwarming sportsmanship.

Crows star Erin Phillips went down a nasty knee injury and was given a standing ovation from both sets of fans & even a few hugs from the oppositon as she was stretchered off.

It didn't stop her from winning best on ground though.

A bittersweet way to cap off a historic day in Aussie sport.



We're finishing up today with a story that we had to check and double check and triple-check that it wasn't an April Fools' Joke.

YouTuber Tom Stanniland attempted to send a burger all the way to space to entertain his 2.7 million followers.

It didn't make it to space, but it did get a long way up - about 40 kilometres above the Earth

Tom lost contact with it but a football team at a sports field more than 150 kays away posted this pic to Twitter!

At that moment, Tom's tracker re-engaged, and he called the team to fill them in.

A few hours later, he was reunited with his burger and decided to have a nibble.

It didn't taste so good.


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