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Death Stranding Trailer, COD: Modern Warfare Release Date, Watch Dogs 3 Leak - VideoGamer Podcast

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We got a super long Death Stranding trailer and some information on what Kojima Productions’ game actually is, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reimagines the series this October, Watch Dogs Legion is Watch Dogs 3 and apparently set in a post-Brexit Britain.

Colm’s been boarding some alien spaceships in order to collect things and shoot enemies in roguelite Void Bastards.

For the impatient...
Death Stranding unveils November 8 release with new trailer - 4:20
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming October 25 & features cross-play support - 14:25
Watch Dogs 3 leaked and takes place in post-Brexit Britain - 17:51
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order heads up EA Play 2019, not Anthem or Need for Speed - 25:13
Xbox reveals Xbox Game Pass for PC and says E3 2019 show will feature 14 first party games - 27:52
Other E3 2019 talking points: Avengers, BG&E2, Bungie, Darksiders, Rainbow Six, Outriders, Pokemon - 30:19
Shenmue III suffers yet another delay - 36:41

Void Bastards - 38:29

Who Am I? - 44:37

Questions, Theories, Comments & Queries - 47:24

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