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800Hp Lancer Evo 8 HillClimb Special || New Record & CRASH !!

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This is Sloan Cox´s Lancer Evo 8 Hillclimb Special, the new All time record holder at Leadfoot Festival, posting a second chrono during practice on the event held at Rod Millen´s driveway, now the fastest anything with four wheels has raced there. Unfortunately that wouldn´t translate into a Overall win on the event due to a crash during the Top 10 Shootout run (which you can check in the video).

Powered by a stroked 4G63 engine equipped with a Borg Warner EFR Turbo, with power sent to All Four Wheels through a Hollinger 6-speed sequential Gearbox, this machine is in fact a purpose built chrome moly spaceframed chassis originally created to race on Pikes Peak. Due to that it is quite light, weighing only 1000Kg in total.

It has evolved quite a lot during recent years as it chased record on New Zealand sprint/hillclimb event like Leadfoot or Ashley Forest RallySprint. With a lot of work being pt into making it a more balanced Race car, it is now equipped with a rear mounted radiator, state-of-the-art MCA Suspension and a quite brutal Aerodynamic package, now more proeminent than ever.

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